Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Move In / Move Out cleanings represents a fresh start for you or the new tenant. Most people purchase this package:

  1. If they are moving out or moving in
  2. Banks if they are selling a foreclosed home
  3. Investment property owners

Move In / Move Out cleanings prepares the next home tenant for a clean place free of the previous hair, dander, skin, grease, dirt, etc . This cleaning includes cleaning inside cabinets, fridge, oven, stove, range hood, carpet cleaning, washing walls, baseboards, and more. This service requires the home to be empty. Unless promotional, this package is generally for an unlimited amount of time. In other words we clean until the job is done.

Here’s How it Works:

This service is $175 and up depending on the square footage. We generally send 1-2 people depending on the size and condition of your home. Here is our printable check list for your convenience.

Your home isn’t fully cleaned unless it’s CK Clean TM