Maintenance Cleaing / Maid Service

Maintenance cleanings or maid service represent a regular cleaning. Most people purchase this package for:

  1. Daily cleanings (Maid Service Only)
  2. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly cleanings

Maintenance cleanings are designed to provide you with a thorough cleaning on a consistent basis. In other words leave all the cleaning work to us. This is perfect for the busy family, busy professional or those who just hate cleaning. This service requires an initial (deep cleaning) first. This way it helps us to manage the “maintaining” of your home. The best thing about it is the more often you have your home cleaned the deeper the discount.

Here’s How it Works:

This service is priced based on frequency and size of home. On average the cost is $80 bi-weekly. Here is our printable check list for your convenience.

Your home isn’t fully cleaned unless it’s CK Clean TM