General Cleaning

General cleanings represents a basic cleaning. This is a great cleaning if you want to “try us out” or your home could use a “good once over”. Most people purchase this package for:

  1. Having friends over for a dinner party
  2. Looking to try a new cleaning company but don’t want to invest a lot of money
  3. They’ve gotten so busy that haven’t had a chance to clean in weeks.

General cleanings are designed to help you get back to a point where you can maintain your “lived in home” again. Where in a one time cleaning, your cleaning is customized, this cleaning is pre-packaged. This means we have a system that we use. This is also a timed service based on your square footage. We provide up to 4 man-hours (under 1500 sq ft); up to 6 man hours (1501-2499 sq ft) and up to 8 man-hours (2500 or more). With this service you can add-on specifics you think your home needs.

Here’s How it Works:

This service is $34/hour/ per person. We generally send 1-2 people depending on the size and condition of your home. Here is our printable check list for your convenience.

Your home isn’t fully cleaned unless it’s CK Clean TM