Construction / Renovation Clean Up

Construction / Renovation cleanings represent a dust free environment prior to moving back in or selling a home. Most people purchase this package:

  1. If they are completing or just completed a reno
  2. Construction companies before placing a home on the market
  3. Investment property owners

Construction / Renovation is the removal of dust due to construction mess that is often left behind by workers, to bring your home or project to a clean and suitable state. This cleaning includes cleaning of walls n baseboards in every room, windows and seals, kitchen including inside of cabinets and closets, the vacuuming of vents and entrance ways including hallways.

Here’s How it Works:

This service is starts at $175. We generally send 2-3 people depending on the size and condition of the home. Here is our printable check list for your convenience.

Your home isn’t fully cleaned unless it’s CK Clean TM