CK Cleaning Specialists’ Service Guarantee

Our staff is professionally trained and we aim for the best cleaning experience possible.  Cleaning is very subjective and as such we want make sure we meet your standard of clean within the scope of the cleaning service you’ve purchased.  With any new relationship it takes a while to learn each other and as such mistakes happen. If we missed a spot, please notify us within 24-hours and we’d be happy to send our staff to re-do the area in question at no cost to you.

Our Process and Expectations

CK Cleaning Specialists strives for excellence every time.  We thoroughly clean your space based on your selected cleaning plan.

Our professionally trained cleaners will start each job by walking through the home with you.  This is your opportunity to point out any trouble areas or areas that maybe needs a little extra TLC.  This is also their opportunity to point out any trouble areas they see and ask you how you want to address the issue.  This is especially important if you are choosing to use your own products or are in need of a deeper/ specialty cleaning in a particular area.

Depending on your package their may be time limitations, because of this they will ask you what your priorities are.  This is to make sure we tackle the most important areas to you first just in case we run out of time.  Upon completion of your cleaning, we recommend you walk through your home again with your cleaners to make sure they have met your expectations.  Cleaning is very subjective.  Because of this, if you notice anything that you’d like touched up – simply let your cleaner know.  They will be more than happy to go over it again for you.

Our goal is to rid your home or office of pesty bacteria, dust mites and creepy crawlers that will hide because they know you’ve hired the best.  View services at a glance and download the appropriate checklist to see what you can expect from us in your space.